Nicolas Suteau

Nicolas took over the family estate in 2007. Located in Remaudiere, close to Nantes and in the Muscadet AOC, the vineyards are home to Melon de Bourgogne and Folle Blanch for whites and Pinot Noir and Egiodola for red varieties.
After a few years of continuing his parents' work, Nicolas decided that only organic farming and the abandonment of sulfur additions during fermentation and elevage would allow him to express the terroir's richness and diversity in his wines.
It is only at the very end of the vinification process, so right before bottling, that Nicolas will add a tiny amount of sulfur, depending on the wines needs which he determines by exposing the wine to air and warmer temperatures. The wines are not undergoing any fining.
2016 was Nicolas' fist vintage without any added sulfur and 2017 marked the beginning of his conversion to organic farming.