Roccheviberti is located in the commune of Castiglione Falletto, in the location Rocche, a famous official single-vineyard of the Barolo DOCG that boasts labels such as Ceretto and Bruno Giacosa. The terroir here is based on the Helvetian soil type, a clay rich marl (limestone/clay blend...) that produces the more structured, long-aging and complex wines of the Langhe district in Piemonte. More specifically, Castiglione Falletto is known for its aromatic potency with floral characteristics often noted as higher toned than the other 10 communes of the Barolo appellation. It is "elegance" that characterizes all wines in this town, most likely due to the proximity to the border with the Western half of the appellation that is located on Tortonian soils, a lighter more "approachable" wine producing soil. Indeed, the bottlings produced here showcase sifter tannins than the other Helvetian soil communes, whilst retaining the aging potential and structure famous of this half of the appellation area.

As soon as the visitor arrives to the Roccheviberti winery, the vision is unique and marvelous; long expanses of vineyards of which are arranged in perfect harmony with the countryside, enriched with the background of a chain of mountains that circles all of the surrounding flae tland.

A quality wine must represent the perfect symbiosis of the vine, territory and tradition.
Additionally, the family Viberti is passionate, and has been producing wine for many generations, from every part, the vineyard work and in the winery.

The winery exclusively produces wine is a traditional way in respect to the local grape growing philosophies and winery practices. First in more neutral French oak, and then in bottle, the noble wines of Roccheviberti age slowly to allow the delicate flavors and aromas to refine themselves as well as the palate austerity to mellow.

The aging is done in silence and in optimal conditions to allow an elegant bouquet and complex flavors to develop. In the glass, the passionate consumer can perceive the color, perfume and taste that represents the zone and its territory; more specifically the hills of the "Rocche" single-vineyard in the community of Castiglione Falletto, the prestigious land of the Langhe, characterized by limestone boulders that provide a specific minerality and "spritz" to the wines' aromatic profile.

The winery has 4.5 hectares of specialized vines; cultivating mono varietal wines of extraordinary potential with the classic Piemontese trio of Nebbiolo, Barbera & Dolcetto grapes.

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