Winzergenossenschaft Konigschaffhausen

The Winzergenossenschaft Konigschaffhausen (Wine Cooperative) dates from 1933, and has recently begun an affiliation with the grower's co-op in neighboring Kichlinsbergen. The cooperative has a membership of some 370 growers, who together cultivate some 204 hectares of vines. Under the leadership of Gunter Zimmerman and Harald Henninger, growers are extremely conscious of the need for yield-reduction, and for delivering first-class fruit to the winery. The winery in Endingen is capable of vinifying juice in various styles, depending on variety and ripeness, outfitted with the best and latest of modern technology, along with the old-fashioned traditional equipment. Grape-growing is focused upon members of the pinot family: Spatburgunder, Grauburgunder and Weissburgunder, which do so well in sun-drenched Baden, and in the volcanic soils of the Kaiserstuhl.