Zalto Carafe No. 75

$ 100.00

The Carafe No.75 has a volume capacity of 820 ml and is ideal for decanting a wine that does not need excess ventilation, or requires decanting to remove sediment. Ideal for leaner wines as well as very old vintage wines that could potentially "fall apart" with too much air.

This carafe has a height of 9.8 inches.

All Zalto glasses are lead-free. We recommend using a dishwasher rather than hand washing, however, with care, a Zalto carafe can safely be hand washed.

Please visit our Zalto-centric website for more information about the line, including best practices for handling and care. We also offer boxed-sets-of-2 and boxed-sets-of-6 of the stemware there, which are perfect for gifting.