Bio Vio

Bio Vio Aimone Vermentino 2022

$ 24.50

The Bio Vio Vermentino is a superbly classic example of the quintessential Ligurian white wine. Absolutely stunning with seafood and geared towards that tradition, this varietal in this terroir tends to pick up the classic aromatic herb component that makes Liguria famous in the wine world. Notes of fresh oregano, basil and dill are common, as well as that trademark "sapidity" (saltiness) that results from the proximity of the sea and the sea spray in the vineyards. This classic Vermentino is produced from vines at an average age of 30-40 and is 100% stainless steel, fermented using only native yeasts. Organic. Limited production from this family run estate of Aimone Giobatta Vio and his two daughters.