Candialle Mimas IGT Toscana 2021

$ 39.80

100% Sangiovese. Named after Mimas, one of the moons of Saturn, referencing the Claver or 250L ceramic orb called a Clayver that the wine is aged in. They are the first in Chianti to do so. The Clayvers are fired at very high temperatures and are less porous than terracotta. It is thought the egg shape of the orb increases skin contact with the juice during maceration which increases color extraction, and the shape keeps the lees more in contact with the majority of the wine for richness of texture. Jarkko and Josephin Peranen are dedicated to low-impact vineyard work and minimal intervention. They have adopted and adapted an old training system called albarello for their vines, training them in a candelabra shape on wooden poles for ultimate air flow and moisture reduction. The grapes are farmed organically in soil called Galestro made up of clay and schist with chunks of limestone.