Cantine Garrone

Cantine Garrone Prunent Valli Ossolane DOC 2017

$ 44.50

Prünent is the original wine of our valley and its presence in Ossola was first documented in 1309. It is a clone of Nebbiolo, well suited for mountain vineyards. Its color is ruby with hints of garnet and has a complex aroma of flora & vanilla. Its good structure and dry savory tannins leave a pleasant, slightly persistent aftertaste in the mouth. 12 months in small oak barrels, where it also performs malolactic fermentation. Then at least one year in bottle. The grapes are pressed and fermented on the skins for at least 7 days in stainless steel tanks a maximum temperature of 25 ° C. Improving During the spring following the harvest is put into oak barrels (50% new, 50% one year) where it will rest 12 months and where it will carry out malolactic fermentation. It is bottled, and it rest 12 months before it’s ready for sale. During spring the climate is hard because of the constant risk of freezing. The summer is warm and sunny but often refreshed by storms. A high temperature variations between day and night when autumn first cold arrives, gives strengthens of the berries’ skin and develops the strong aroma of wines. Pairs well with hearty main dishes of meat, wild game and aged cheeses.