Coffele Soave Classico Castel Cerino 2017

$ 12.50

COFFELE is a historical benchmark winery of the medieval town of Soave. Located smack in the center, past the medieval town walls and adjacent to the likes of PieroPan and the coop Cantine Del Castello, they have been a family run traditional Soave producer since 1928. With the help of their parents, Giovanna Visco and Giuseppe Coffele, from whom they inherited their passion for the land and the vines, Alberto and Chiara run the winery situated a few steps away from the ancient castle of Soave in what is delineated by the Italian government as the "Classico" (historical) part of the denomination. Since about a decade the winery has been following full certified BIODYNAMIC PRACTICES (all natural - minimal intervention - spiritual viticulture). Soave is largely considered one of Italy's most historical and revered white wines and definitely Veneto's most important. The secret is largely due to 2 simple facts : the GARGANEGA varietal and the UNIQUE SOILS. Unlike all of Northern Italy, Soave is the only appellation situated on active volcanic soils (basica volcanic - black) intertwined with pure white Limestone. Back & White terroir in one. The Garganega grape, which already possesses characteristics of elegant acidity, juicy mid-palate, lemongrass, almonds & mineral aromatics gains even more depth and personality from the soils. Coffele's basic 'Soave Classico' is a true expression of the core of Soave wine. Largely considered in Italy as one of the best entry level Soave wines available, it is made 100% from Garganega coming from younger vines at 1050ft altitude, yielding lighter and fresher fruit for a stupendously thirst quenching and food friendly white. Exclusively stainless steel aged, using native yeasts and matured at lower temperatures to maintain freshness and enhance the lemongrass aroma typical of Garganega.