Davide Spillare

Davide Spillare Crestan Garganega 2021

$ 25.90

Crestan is Davide Spillare's calling card. His entry level Garganega that is bright fresh and elegant. Davide is a member of VinNature, a group of 180 winemakers from around the world who all follow natural winemaking principles. An early student of the natural wine pioneer Angiolino Maule, he embraced biodynamics and natural winemaking with his first release in 2007. For Davide this means no interference in the vineyard or cellar, spontaneous fermentation, minimal sulphur use (under 20mg/liter), no filtering or fining and most importantly a deep and abiding respect for the land his family has farmed for generations. His vineyards, he says simply, are on loan and in his safekeeping for future generations. The focus of his estate is Garganega, one of the most important white grapes of Italy and one that is perfectly at home in the basalt soils of Gambellara.