Davide Spillare

Davide Spillare L1 Frizzante Bianco Veneto NV

$ 29.90

L1 is the medical term for the vertebrae that Davide Spillare herniated one day in a tractor incident. It gave rise to this wine and its name, a sparkling Garganega with a shot of Durella, produced with the methode ancestral or fermenting slightly sweet must in the bottle. Of course natural doesn't start in the cellar when it comes to Davide Spillare: he skips any technological intervention and manipulation all together.

Even his weeds are plucked by hand, another back breaking task that he and his family seem to embrace in the name of a no-tech natural approach to winemaking.

This wine is delicious and light, shows good acidity and freshness and beautiful fruit of peach, honeydew and tangernine. We like to gently shake up the yeasts from the bottom of the bottle for a cloudly wine with some extra bite.