Hidden Treasures by Moric

Hidden Treasures by Moric HID 2 Somlo 2021

$ 36.50

With the Hidden Treasures Projects Roland Velich of Moric partners with a few talented winemakers from across the border in Hungary. Their collaboration aims to showcase the historic and cultural past of Burgenland and Hungary through their often shared indigenous grapes and to give them their due attention. The projects are numbered by region. No. 1 is Tokaj and this, No. 2 is Somlo. Somlo in the hands of the ever talented Tamas Kis. Kis is a huge proponent of minimal intervention and dry mineral laden white wines and the 2021 vintage is an exceptional example of that. A superbly aromatic and intensely evocative blend of 75%, Furmint, 15% Welschriesling 10% Harslevelu grown in Somlo's pure basalt volcanic soils near the top of the mountain itself. Native yeast. Stainless steel with some used oak. Organic farming not certified.