Hogl Bruck Riesling Smaragd 2015

$ 52.15

Josef Hogl's best Riesling vineyard is the Bruck. High elevation, warm microclimate and mica soils. Smaragd means late picked. Beautifully ripe. Bruck can last for a very long time. Powerful but not heavy, stone fruit pairs with smoky mineral and petrol aromas and wisteria. Hogl is a small family winery located on the steep slopes of the Spitzer Graben run by father and son team, Josef and Georg. the The ideology at the core of Hogl wines is clean, complex and balanced. Their farming incorporates compost and organic viticulture where they feel it is needed. Their best Riesling site, the terraced Bruck, climbs up to 1500 feet. Situated above the winery, several miles inland from the river, the soil here is quite complex mica, schist, gneiss, slate, and even some sandstone. Luckily the near perfect orientation provides a warmth pocket for ripening in the already cool Spitzer Graben. A very complex wine, Hogl's Bruck will drink well young but patience and a few years will only provide more and more reward.