Kolfok Whole Bunch Blaufrankisch 2019

$ 44.50

Stefan does not make this Whole Cluster Blaufrankisch bottling every year. He thought that even though 2019 was a warm year, it was a wonderful high acid year and a good time to experiment with clean, perfectly ripe Blaufrankisch grapes. The Blaufrankisch was hand harvested from a cooler single vineyard site. The whole clusters were foot stomped in a large open vats. After 5 days after the stomped grapes were pressed and finished fermentation in a 650 Liter Austrian oak cask. Only one cask was made. There were no additions, not even any sulphur at bottling. The result is a lightly extracted new version of Blaufrankisch in which the fruit takes a back seat to the more ethereal side of the grape showcasing its herbal and tea leaf nuances.