MORIC Alte Reben Lutzmannsburg 2016

$ 152.00

Blaufrankisch treated like Grand Cru Burgundy. Since 2001 Roland Velich has been crafting world class wine from Blaufrankisch. He is determined to show that this indigenous Austrian grape has as much finesse and elegance as Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Again and again he has proven this to be true. Vintage after vintage these are beyond a doubt gorgeous refined wines. The old (50-100 year old) Blaufrankisch vines of this vineyard atop a plateau lend immense complexity to a wine that is first and foremost elegant, well structured and certainly not opulent. Good acidity and pleasant tannins paired with fine minerality, all in perfect balance. A testament to the Moric style and a wine that will have its many fans stock up and put away for the very long haul. Dark berries, currants and earthy spice are signature notes.