Nicolas Suteau

Nicolas Suteau Bohort Folle Blanche 2018

$ 19.90

The traditional variety in France to make Cognac and Armanac, Folle Blanch is mostly grown in the Pais Nantais region of France, (overlapping the Muscadet region). Here it has AOC rights within the Gros Plant de Pays Nantais appellation. Bohort does, but Nicolas Suteau has chosen not to apply for such classifications. Bohort is a ripe Folle Blanch, leaving many of the ultra light and acidic examples of this variety in the dust and showing the very best side of Folle Blanch: plale yellow in color the Bohort shows a delicate, mineral dominated nose, salinity and a fresh finish.
Grown in his family vineyards on sandy-silty soil over gneiss rock, the grapes are harvested manually and carefully in small bins. The grapes are pressed and ferment on their native yeasts for about a month before the wine is racked and left on the lees for another 6 months. No sulfur is added during vinification except for a small amount (<15mg/l) right before bottling and after testing the wines stability by exposing it to air and warm temperatures.