Pollerhof Frau Mayer Gruner Veltliner 2022

$ 36.00

Tiny 65 year old vineyard, granite soil, a wine with a back story of the owner (Frau Mayer) giving the vineyard to Erwin Poller because she had observed his treatment of the vines in a neighboring vineyard, and thus offers the vineyard to him with the stipulation that she would receive as many bottles as she wanted for personal use.

That was readily accepted and since 2006, he has made small amounts of this wine. It is basically his reserve Veltliner. Every aspect of wine making is carefully done, including carrying the grapes in small baskets so as not to bruise them and using a special natural yeast which he has created for his best wines.

The label began as an old roll of wallpaper that he felt expressed the quality and the time of Frau Mayer herself.