Straka Little Big Mash Liter

$ 25.50

Our newest offering from Straka, this liter bottle is a blend of 70% Welschriesling, 15% Weissburgunder and 15% Sauvignon Blanc. The vines are organically farmed from a high elevation (400m!) vineyard comprised of greenschist. This unique terroir which retains heat for excellent phenolics and ripe fruit and provides excellent drainage creates a wine full of minerality, highly aromatic fruit and wonderful structure. Tom Straka leaves the grapes on the skins for 4 days to increase texture and further highlight the phenolics. Native fermentation and it ages mostly in steel tank with about 30% in used oak casks. The blended wine is unfiltered, unfined, and vegan. A delicious food-friendly evocative wine!