Tour Blanc

Tour Blanc Ugni Blanc Summertime 2016

$ 29.90

The Summertime 2016 was harvested on the 30th of October from vines are 45 to 50 years old. Single, double cordon, and short cordon, trellis trained, untopped, full grass cover, trees and bushes in the rows, sheep grazed, use of only biodynamic and field sprays and plant macerations, mulching under vines, unploughed. The soils are clay, gravel, silt, and sand on marine fossil ferruginous sandstone over limestone and the climate is principally oceanic with prevailing winds from the Bay of Gascony (Atlantic), the Pyrenees, and a lesser dry continental influence from the Midi. The wine is then whole cluster slow pressed and then via gravity alone are put into stainless steel tanks. Slow spontaneous fermentation with 17 months on the wild yeasts and no temperature control. Bottled without the addition of any SO2.