Wenzel Furmint Alte Reben 2021

$ 65.50

A wildly delicious and rare one barrel bottling of old vine Furmint from the Furmint master Michael Wenzel. Furmint was once the most widely planted white grape in what is now Austria and Hungary until phylloxera and two world wars struck. In a few decades, Furmint went from dominating white wine production to near extinction. More Furmint remained however in Hungary because it is responsible for Tokaji’s renowned sweet wine. But dry Furmint has both a cultural and historical role both Austrians and Hungarians so in 1984 Michael Wenzel’s father smuggled cuttings back over the border into Austria. These plantings bore fruit that became the first dry Wenzel Furmint in 1987. It is from these vines that Michael crafts this unsulphured, clean, precise, and delicious wine. Think Grand Cru Burgundy.