Wenzel Wild + Free Lockvogel Gelber Muskateller 2022

$ 34.50

Michael Wenzel's philosophy is to create a beautiful wine with as little intervention as possible- stripped down to its wholesome, exciting, provocative, living, sensual and pure expression of self.

Lockvogel means decoy, and this is intended to lure conservative wine drinkers into the world of skin fermented wines.

The Gelber Muskateller vines grow in soil consisting of slate crystals, gneiss particles and quartz. There is no irrigation and the farming is biodynamic. Hand harvested. 90% destemmed into open top fermentation tanks with 10% whole cluster. Native yeast. After 7 days one careful punchdown by hand. 9 days maceration then moved to stainless steel tank. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation completed by spring. Unfiltered with one sulfur addition of 20mg per liter just before bottling. This decoy has approachable and modest skin fermented characteristics and retains its high-toned aromatics and fruit. Bone dry.