Werlitsch Ex Vero III 2020

$ 74.00

Ex Vero comes in three flavors: I, II and III refer to the steepness and elevation of the sites with III being the uppermost, steepest and meagerest soils of the vineyards surrounding the Werlitsch winery. Biodynamic farming in the vineyard. The grapes are left on the skins for a few days, pressed and left to ferment spontaneously in large open wood barrels. 2 years of aging on the fine lees are followed by another year in the bottle before its release.

The Ex Vero III produced a dense and full bodied wine in 2015, a wine that's ripe and powerful and reminiscent of Savignin from the Jura. A very special and majestic wine, one that will only improve with time in the cellar. Some of the best we have seen from this producer.