Where Can I Find a Zalto Glass?

Where Can I Find a Zalto Glass?

As you likely already suspect, the current significant stock shortage is primarily Covid related. A year and a half of various lockdowns as well as restrictions as to how many glassblowers can be working at once has finally taken its toll on all reserves and the production time needed to try to catch up with demand.

Picture this-  It takes a team of 8 trained artisans to create a single glass, and every time one of them tests positive, the entire team has to go into quarantine. Multiply that scenario a few times and you are losing months of production time. And you can't just go out and hire a new team; it takes years to get to the level of doing the most complicated parts of the process. That thin lip, that elegant stem, that ultra light feel in your hand? It doesn't blow itself into being with just anybody doing the blowing.  Of course social distancing isn't possible in the glasshutte (that's Austrian for "glass factory") as the team works around a single furnace, so knock that precaution off your list. Oh, and you can't wear a mask when you're blowing glass...

The health and safety of everyone involved in getting a Zalto into your hands will always be our first and foremost concern. We hope that you understand, we thank you in advance for your ongoing patience, and we look forward to getting you the best glasses in the world as soon as we can.

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