Winzergenossenschaft Konigschaffhausen

Konigschaffhausen Spatburgunder Selection 2018

$ 17.90

From unique vineyards growing in the loess and volcanic soils of Baden's Kaiserstuhl, a 2,000 feet high volcanic mountain in the middle of the Rhein Valley. Fermented in new and older oak barrels, it's silky, rich, and spicy, somewhat Burgundian, but uniquely a German wine. The Winzergenossenschaft (Wine Co-operative) Konigschaffhausen dates from 1933 and works with 370 small growers who are extremely conscious of the need for yield-reduction, and for delivering first-class fruit to the winery. The winery specializes in showing the tradition of their unique volcanic soils and wines in a light and fruit driven fashion, producing quaffable and interesting food friendly wines.